Saturday, 23 July 2011

Action packed art weekend in Oxford

Just had a wonderful two days at Waterperry Gardens,Oxford UK, Art In Action event. There are hundreds of artists there of every style you can think of. Lots of them demonstrating their craft. I attended a fabric printing workshop (£6 including materials - bargain) by Jo Dixon Textile Artist. My sister did a bling ring workshop, she made two rings from wire, beads and pieces of slate, again £6.
I could take my printed fabric piece further by adding layers and stitch, then possibly use as a book cover, cut up for cards or just keep as a sample piece. I'm quite interested in doing more printing on paper and fabric then working into it. In November I have booked on a Dionne Swift printing workshop in Huddersfield. Her style is contemporary with lovely subtle colours. Bought one of these fun toys for our wedding anniversary its called LOVE AMONG THE FLOWERS


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  1. I've managed to miss it again this year (must make a note of it in my 2012 diary!). Glad to hear you've enjoyed it though.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    You left me a wonderful compliment regarding my sketching style which prompted me to come to your page and look around. How Ironic that I run art therapy workshops and it looks as if yyou do the same. I love your cute spoon project. perhaps we can share more ideas? Go to my blog and at the top you'll see a tab for my workshops. there you'll see one of the workshops I run. As you look through my blog you'll see my mixed media art, which is a world apart from my sketching. that address is: I do hope you'll click become a follower; or follow. I plan on following your blog so I can check out what you're doing from time to time--GREAT stuff! :)