Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sketchbook Project update

This is the front and back cover of the book I am submitting to the Brooklyn NY Sketchbook Project 2012.
The inside front and back covers
My theme is NOTHING NEW
The first subject is STITCH and the fact that we are still using the same stitches that our ancestors used
Using pins and needles and other haberdashery items they used
 and the same methods they used.  Quilting has been done for centuries throughout the world.
Watch out for my next section in the sketchbook.
You can read all about and follow the Sketchbook Project on the following link


  1. like your pages - and your handwriting!

  2. Thanks, I am just working on my next pages now. I have finished the sewing section with a page on weaving and will post a pic later. My next section is "nothing new in gardens". I scribble that much now I find it hard to write properly haha.....

  3. I really love it, i want to touch it! :)

  4. This is is very cool. I am participating again this year. I have the cover done - and that's as far as I've gotten!!!
    Following you now.......

  5. Hello to my new followers and thank you very much for looking at my pages. I can't wait to see all of your books.
    I have started my next two pages and it is NOTHING NEW IN THE GARDEN - FLOWERS STILL GROW.
    Oh, and the last bit of my Nothing New in Stitch pages is one on weave.
    Will post pic soon.
    Thanks again
    Lynn x

  6. It's looking good - keep us updated xxx

  7. Hi Lynn, I found your blog via Dionne Swift. Love your sketchbook, I haven't even started mine yet, last years was a panic because of the snow but I'm looking forward to it coming to England this time.

  8. Yes so am I. Your 2011 book is great, I'm looking forward to seeing your new one. I've just done another couple of pages.

  9. Looking foward to seeing your finished sketch book it looks fantastic!