Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Susan has produced a finished piece of work after our silk paper making day.  It is a lovely square canvas which she has stitched the paper onto and added pieces of ribbon and the handwritten label I gave her.  It is lovely to see a finished piece. What do you think of it ?

 I'm still working on mine, I have decided to put it in a large frame and use vintage lace, some pieces of crochet and a trail of organza flowers.  I am going to include one of my doodly birds, I think.  I am still working on the layout before I start to stitch it down. The background silk paper is made from cocoon strippings and I have left the colour neutral.
 These drawings were done by a friend of mine Nicola Elliot, you can see her work on

Please have a look as her  work is gorgeous and you may find some early Christmas presents or a special gift for someone.   Nicola also personalises pieces, so you could add the name of who the gift is for.
She is a very talented embroiderer and artist.

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